School furniture

Replacement of school furniture

The new classrooms, created through the work of the Lions Club of Münster Landois, were inaugurated in the summer of 2019. In the new rooms, however, they had to make do for the time being with (partly homemade) not very ergonomic desks.The school had to make do with school furniture that was not really appropriate for the demands made on the children and the teaching staff.

This gave Jörg Baetge the idea of finding out from the Minister of Education in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Münster city authorities whether there was a possibility of a new school being built. unused school furniture could be transported from Münster to Kenya. He also found what he was looking for and the generosity of the city of Münster made it possible to receive the decommissioned furniture from a Münster school as a donation in August.

The furniture was picked up at the school by Lions Club members and initially stored in the halls of a club member’s business. However, due to the shortage of transport capacity associated with the Corona pandemic or the accident of a ship in the Suez Canal, it took 18 months for the furniture to finally arrive on site.

At the end of November, the two containers with the school furniture were delivered to the school. The containers contained over 600 chairs, 130 tables and 10 boards. The unloading of the furniture and equipping of the classrooms was done by the teachers, parents and students of the entire school in their own efforts. The joy -especially of the children- about the equipment of the school with furniture of such high quality was enormous.