One library
for the IAPS


Most schools in this country have a school library that provides textbooks and reading materials. Access to reading material is a matter of course for us. If the book you want is not available, there is an interlibrary loan or another library nearby.

At Ilkeek Aare Primary School, however, the situation is different. In Kenya, schoolbooks have to be purchased by the parents. However, many are not financially able to do so.

A school library gives all students access to the reading materials they need. In addition, a well-furnished and equipped library is always a place that invites people to read. A retreat, a place of imagination and research.

A place where people like to stay and spend time with books. Books encourage curiosity and the joy of learning. With the new library we are sponsoring, we want to encourage the students’ love of learning, satisfy their thirst for knowledge, and inspire their imaginative journeys.

We have been given a room by the school administration to set up the library. We have requested quotes for bookcases or shelving.

As soon as all offers have arrived, we choose the best offer and order the wall furniture for the books. We plan to have the library up and running in the first quarter of 2022.

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