at the IAPS

Handball, like almost any sport, is good for the body and mind in many ways. Handball promotes physical development, but also qualities such as team spirit, willpower, perseverance and patience. It enables the experience of dealing with successes and defeats, taking responsibility and experiencing trust.

Therefore, we want to develop the sport of handball at IAPS together with the organization “Play Handball”, which has a branch in Nairobi. In a first 4-day training session with Play Handball, the fun of the sport was awakened in both students and teachers (see pictures).

The task now is to create the conditions that will enable the sport to become established on a sustainable basis. To do this, two handball courts must be prepared to minimize the risk of injury that uneven terrain can bring.

At the same time, a handball court is large enough to play other sports on it, such as basketball, tennis, volleyball or badminton. After that, a training concept will be created in cooperation with the organization “Play Handball”.