New accommodations
for the teaching staff

Teacher housing

Currently, the school has no or very inadequate accommodations for teaching staff. Therefore, most of the teachers commute to the distant localities. Others spend the night in the students’ dormitories or in very rudimentary corrugated iron hats.

This condition makes the school rather unattractive for teachers and many teachers therefore seek transfers. This affects the quality of education and learning. The presence of higher quality accommodations for teachers will therefore have a direct impact on student learning and the reputation of the school as a whole.

For this reason, the construction of 14 new teacher housing units and the renovation of the existing cabins for the school administration is one of the highest prioritized projects for 2022.

A project team consisting of representatives of the Foundation of the Lions Clubs in Münster and Nairobi, Engineers Without Borders from Switzerland, the school and our project coordinator on site was formed. The project is now in the middle of the planning phase. The construction phase is scheduled to begin in April 2022 and continue through August 2022.