Legal capacity

Foundation establishment

Home4Education Certificate of Recognition

The “Jörg Baetge Stiftung.Home4Education” was established as an independent foundation under private law on January 14, 2021, and on March 15, 2021 from
by the Münster district government as having legal capacity.
On April 6, 2021, the President of the Münster District Government, Dorothee Feller, presented the foundation charter on behalf of the 23 donors to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jörg Baetge (Chairman of the Board of Trustees) and Bernward Jacobs (Trustee and Chairman of the Friends of the Lions Club Münster-Landois e.V.).

The purpose of the foundation is in particular to provide children, adolescents and young adults in Kenya with opportunities and framework conditions for school education and the transition to professional careers. This foundation purpose includes the support of the infrastructure of existing schools as well as schools to be built in the future, as was made possible by the example of the Ilkeek Aare Primary School (IAPS), the securing of the unrestricted and possible access of children and young people, independent of the educational status of their parents, to all school and vocational preparation offers of their own country, including the support of especially gifted children, the infrastructural support of additional requirements for the accommodation of children and young people whose parents do not have a permanent residence for ethnic reasons, e.g. the boarding school-like accommodation of the children of semi-nomads of the Maasai in the IAPS, the securing of the school operation in the respective school in the face of special climatic conditions such as the supply of vital drinking water and the basic supply of the children and adolescents with food, which is particularly necessary for growing up and the required maintenance of health, support for school management for infrastructural needs such as expansion and maintenance and / or improvement of school rooms and teaching aids, as well as for learning materials that enable adaptation to modern knowledge of education and teaching, support for measures to improve the performance of teachers and students, the construction of facilities through which personal responsibility for an economical use of resources of their own life can be promoted, such as The support of the children and young people by the guidance for the vocational pre-orientation in the context of the respective individual achievement potential, suitable personnel and material measures for the guarantee of the internal security in the respective school area including necessary infra-structural precautions and the support for necessary measures of the health maintenance of the children and young people as well as the alphabetization of their family members.

The foundation is endowed with initial assets of 105,000 euros.