Water supply

Water project to secure the long-term supply

Climate change is having an ever greater impact in Kenya. Less rain has been falling in the IAPS area for several years. The rainwater collected is currently not sufficient to run the school. Comprehensive technical measures are therefore being implemented to ensure that the school remains
is supplied with water and thus the basic supply can be ensured.

1. planned roof repairs and installation of gutters: In a planned project, the school’s roofs will be repaired and fitted with additional guttering to make efficient use of the first rain and collect the collected water in a targeted manner.

2. improvement of the collection pipes: It is planned to renew the school’s collection pipes and replace them with high-quality polyethylene (PE) material. This ensures improved durability and more efficient drainage of rainwater to the storage tanks.

3. refurbishment of the large tanks: The planned refurbishment of the existing storage tanks will ensure their functionality and longevity in order to guarantee reliable water storage.

4. installation of roof filters: In future, roof filters will be installed to improve the quality of the collected rainwater and filter out impurities before it is stored in the storage tanks.

5. coating and maintenance of the pipe penetrations: A special coating will be applied to the pipe penetrations to prevent corrosion and leaks. Regular maintenance work is carried out to ensure the proper functioning of these important components.

6. repair of the pump and the elevated tank: Planned repairs and overhauls of the pump system and the elevated tank will ensure a continuous supply of water and enable the efficient distribution of the collected water.

7. new installation of the distribution pipes: In the future, the school’s distribution pipes will be completely renewed to ensure even distribution of water to the various areas of the school.

8. chlorination on demand: If necessary, the water will be chlorinated in future to ensure drinking water quality and meet hygiene standards.

9. connection to the Suswa water pipeline: There are plans to connect the IAPS to the Suswa water pipeline to provide an alternative source of water and further improve security of supply.

The long-term supply of water to the school is the foundation’s next major project, which is to be planned together with Engineers Without Borders in 2024 and launched as soon as funding is secured.