Sewing course
at the IAPS

Sewing program

We decided to establish a sewing program at IAPS. This program is designed to teach students an important skill that they can later use professionally. It also helps girls make washable sanitary pads, skirts and repair school uniforms.

The program will provide thirteen sewing machines in a dedicated room. Under the guidance of specially trained teachers and parents, sewing classes are then offered to all interested students in the afternoon.

A special goal is the sewing of hygienic sanitary pads for the girls, who often have no other access to such articles and thus experience their period with a lot of shame. But also the making and repairing of school uniforms are important points of the program. The goal is to sell homemade school uniforms and use the proceeds to contribute to the financial support of the program.

Bids are currently being solicited for the machines as well as for the procurement of materials (e.g. fabrics and threads). In addition, the course content and the training of teachers and parents on the machines are planned.